Valve Guide & Seat Cutting Machine VT60

Puts your shop ahead in the fast growing headwork business with the most versatile and accurate machine on the market.
Built to take on everything from subcompacts to big diesels.
Big. Tough and Fast! You can set up and run any head up to 48” (1220 mm) long in record time. Up to 54” (1370 mm) with special fixture. And, it turns out the quality work you’re proud to put your name on:
1.      Installation of Valve Guide Inserts
2.      Cutting of Valve Insert Pockets – Aluminum or Cast Iron
3.      Simultaneous Multi—Angle Cutting of Valve Seats
4.      Drilling and Tapping for Threaded Studs or Removal of Broken Exhaust Studs
5.      Bronze Guide Liner Installation and Reaming

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