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Saddle Moving Surface Grinding Machine

Saddle Moving Surface Grinding Machine,null


SG-2050AH, SG-2050AHR, SG-2050AHD
SG-2550AH, SG-2550AHR, SG-2550AHD
SG-3060AH, SG-3060AHR, SG-3060AHD
SG-30100AH, SG-30100AHR, SG-30100AHD
SG-4080AH, SG-4080AHR, SG-4080AHD
SG-40100AH, SG-40100AHR, SG-40100AHD
* AH: auto feed on transverse, hydraulic transmission on longitudinal, manual on vertical.
* AHR: auto feed on transverse, hydraulic transmission on longitudinal, rapid movement on vertical.
* AHD: auto feed on transverse, hydraulic transmission on longitudinal, auto feed on vertical.
Standard Accessories:
Wheel chuck, Wheel balancing arbor, Wheel extracting units, Coolant tank, Work light, Tool box & tools, Wheel dresser(without diamond pen), Standard wheel, Leveling wedges and foundation, Electric magnetic chuck, PLC auto. grinding controller(only for AHD model), Operation manual(English edtion).
Optional Accessories:
Wheel balancing stand, Parallel dresser, Cooling system with paper filter, Cooling system with magnetic separator, Cooling system with magnetic separator & paper filter.
SpecificationUnitSG-2050AH SG-2550AH SG-3063AH SG-30100AH SG-4080AH SG-40100AH 
SG-2050AHRSG-2550AHR SG-3063AHR SG-30100AHR SG-4080AHR SG-40100AHR 
Table size (W×L)mm200x460250x500305x635305x1020406x813406x1020
Longitudinal travelmm51056076511309101130
Cross travelmm238275340340450450
Max. distance from spindle to tablemm450450580580580580
Electro magnetic chuck sizemm200x460250x500300x600300x1000400x800400x1000
Speed of table longitudinal movem/min7~23
Table cross movementAuto feedmm0.1~8
Rapid feedmm/min990
Handwheel feedmm/div0.02
Wheelhead vertical movementAuto feedmm0.005/0.01/0.02/0.03/0.04/0.05 (Only for AHD series)
Rapid feedmm/min460 (Only for AHR/AHD series)
Handwheel feedmm/div0.005
Grinding wheelSpindle speedrpm50HZ: 2850 / 60HZ: 345050HZ: 1450 / 60HZ: 1750
Wheel sizemm200x 20 x31.75350x40x127
Spindle motorkw1.52.25.5
Hydraulic pumpkw0.752.2
Cooling pumpkw0.040.125
Elevating motorkw0.25 (AHR model)  /  0.5 (AHD model, Servo motor)
Cross feed motorkw0.04
Total rated powerkw33.79
Max. loading capacity (include chuck)kg120180270400500600
Height of the machinemm16751890
Floor space (L×W)mm2050x14002300x16502900x22004400x22003600x24004400x2400
Gross weightkg160018002900330035004000
Package size (L×W×H)cm190x172x218200x210x218235x222x215295x222x221285x227x218295x227x221