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Metal Cutting Sawing Machine

Views:384 Submit date:2015-06-15
Metal Cutting Sawing Machine

Mark & model  :  GB4280

Origin  :  Asia and Pacific Area  China

Quality standard  :  International

Submit date  :  2015-06-15

H.S.Classification  :   Machinery & Electronics  Machines for Working Metal   8461 Machine tools for planing, shaping, slotting, gear cutting etc.

Product profile  :  Metal Cutting Sawing Machine
 1 double-column and double-cylinder structure greatly prolongs the service life of the machine, a unique feature exclusively owned by the company. 

2 hydraulic control of cutting speed, step less speed regulation 
3 stable sawing with high precision 
4 clamping is fulfilled by hydraulic method in combination with manual method, convenient for operation. 
5 the workbench can automatically extend or retreat for 28cm. 

1)Max. Cutting capacity: Round material: 800mm Square material: 800*1000mm 
2) Blade dimensions (mm): 1.6x 67 x 8700 
3) Blade speed (m/min): Hydraulic changed 
4) Main motor power (kW): 7.5 
5) Hydraulic power (kw): 1.5 
6) Coolant pump (kw): 0.12 
7) Machine dimensions (mm): 4200x1800x2400 
Packing: Plywood case or pallet 
N. W.: 7600 kg