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Metal Saw Cut Unicoresaws Bandsaw Machine

Views:261 Submit date:2015-06-15
Metal Saw Cut Unicoresaws Bandsaw Machine

Mark & model  :  GB4028

Origin  :  Asia and Pacific Area  Hong Kong

Quality standard  :  International

Submit date  :  2015-06-15

H.S.Classification  :   Machinery & Electronics  Machines for Working Metal   8461 Machine tools for planing, shaping, slotting, gear cutting etc.

Product profile  :  Metal Saw Cut Unicoresaws Bandsaw Machine
 Main Features: 

1. Hydraulic control of feeding speed of sawing/cutting, stepless speed regulation. 
2. Manual or hydraulic clamping. 
3. Small materials can be bundled cutting, with high efficiency. 
4. Using antifriction bearing and hard alloy for guiding, thus prolonging service life of the saw blade.
MODELGB4028 band saw
Max. Cutting Capacity (mm)Round 280
Rectangle 280*380
Blade Speed (m/min.)20/45/70
Blade Size (mm)0.9 * 27 * 3505
Main Motor (KW)2.2
Hydraulic Motor (KW)0.42
Machine Size (mm) (L*W*H)1730 * 1150 * 1140
Workpiece ClampingManual / Hydraulic