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Valve Grinding Machine

Views:208 Submit date:2015-06-15
Valve Grinding Machine

Mark & model  :  TVR90

Origin  :  Asia and Pacific Area  China

Quality standard  :  International

Submit date  :  2015-06-15

H.S.Classification  :   Machinery & Electronics  Machines for Working Metal   8461 Machine tools for planing, shaping, slotting, gear cutting etc.

Product profile  :  Valve Grinding Machine
 Valve Grinding Machine Model:TVR series can complete following work in five minutes: Clamping of valve stem and keep high accuracy positioning at the moment; Precision grinding of the conical surface of valve, roundness can be achieved 0.005 mm, finish can be achieved Ra0.32. The whole process is simple and perfect, very easy to use the machine, do not need specialist training, you can do that perfect work, depended on the 2×3 ball high precision pneumatic chuck. TheTVR series is new standards in speed and accuracy for valve grinding.




1.    Air – operated, Six – Ball chuck design for perfect alignment and grinding, only five minutes from the clamping to finish grinding, and can get a very good roundness and finish.


2.    Variable valve speed allows the operator to adjust surface speed when working with different size of valves


3.    High accuracy dovetail guide of grinding wheel moving, manual scraping to reach super smooth, it can effectively absorb vibration.


4.    Valve steam depth stop is a practical device, especially when you need to process several of the same valves, and allow valves to ground to the exact same length.


5.    Casting iron base reduce the vibration, sturdy and durable.


6.    Centralized lubricating system to avoid the cumbersome manual multi – point add oil.


7.    The valve head grinding wheel and the valve steam grinding wheel are equipped with diamond dresser, very convenient dressing of grinding wheel.


8.    The optional tools cabinet has a extra 2 liters coolant tank, of course, there is enough space you can change more bigger coolant tank, if you want to more coolant water.


9.    The V rest of Stem/Butt End Grinding device allows all valves in a set to be ground to the same distance from valve seat to stem end - essential for overhead camshaft type cylinder heads. Exact amount of material removed from the stem end can be measured with the micrometer adjustment system.


Main Specifications





Type of Drive System

Air / Electric

Valve Stem Diameter Range with Chuck

4 – 14 mm

Valve Stem Length Range with Chuck

54 – 260 mm

Valve Head Diameter Range

20 – 102 mm

Valve Total Length Range

90 – 315 mm

Max. Boring Dia.

14 – 60 mm

Valve Head Grinding Angle

15 – 55°

Valve Stem Butt Grinding Angle

0°and 45°

Valve Head Grinding Wheel Diameter

178 mm

Valve Stem Butt Grinding Wheel Diameter

76 mm

Valve & Butt Grinding Wheel Speed

3500 rpm at 50 Hz ; 4200 rpm at 60 Hz

Chuck Rotation Speed

50 – 230 rpm

Working Accuracy

0.015 mm ( 0.006)

0.005 mm ( 0.002)

Coolant Capacity

3 Liter

Required Rated Air Pressure

6 Bar / 85 PSI

Power of Grinding Wheel Motor

0.37 kW

Power of Chuck Rotation Motor

0.09 kW

Overall Dimension of Machine

945×650×430 mm

Overall Dimension of Tools Cabinet

700×380×810 mm

Package Size of Machine

930×710×690 mm

Package Size of Tools Cabinet

850×550×1070 mm

N.W. / G.W. of Machine

130 Kg / 160 Kg

N.W. / G.W. of Tools Cabinet

50 Kg / 70 Kg