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Hydraulic Gear Hobbing Machine

Views:231 Submit date:2015-06-10
Hydraulic Gear Hobbing Machine

Mark & model  :  Y3180K

Origin  :  Asia and Pacific Area  China

Quality standard  :  International

Submit date  :  2015-06-10

H.S.Classification  :   Machinery & Electronics  Machines for Working Metal   8460 Machine tools for finishing metal etc.

Product profile  :  Hydraulic Gear Hobbing Machine
 This machine is suitable for batch, small batch and single-piece production and processing of cylindrical gear and worm, also available spline hob continuous indexing roller cutting length less than 300mm of tooth and short spline shaft more than six teeth. Can be cut milling machining cylindrical gear to Heshun milling roller cutting, processing methods can be used axial (vertical feed) feed the whole tooth width. The machine roll the chip through worm gear manual radial feed processing. Processing splined shaft of the machine when the machine adjustments and processing methods only machining cylindrical gear. Turret with a fast motor and manual adjustment.

ParametersModel :Y3180K
None column maximum machining diameter800mm
Column maximum machining diameter620mm
The largest processing of analog-to-digital10mm
Maximum working width300mm
Minimum number of teeth on the workpieceZ /K=6
Turret maximum rotation angle240°
The turret maximum vertical travel350mm
Table diameter625mm
Table hole diameter80mm
Workbench to a small column maximum distance of the slide bearing end720mm
Workbench to a small column minimum distance of the slide bearing end400mm
To allow installation hob diameter180mm
To allow installation hob length175mm
The spindle shaft hole taperMORSE 5
The hob spindle center distance away from the work surfaceMax590mm
The distance between the axis of the workpiece to the hob axisMax500mm
Spindle speed range40-250rpm
Number of spindle speeds9
The main motor power5.5kw
Machine weight5000kg
Physical size(Long ×wide× high)2600×1400×1940mm