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Parallel Lathe

Views:147 Submit date:2015-05-13
Parallel Lathe

Mark & model  :  CW61100B /CW61125B /CW61160B

Origin  :  Asia and Pacific Area  China

Quality standard  :  International

Submit date  :  2015-05-13

H.S.Classification  :   Machinery & Electronics  Machines for Working Metal   8461 Machine tools for planing, shaping, slotting, gear cutting etc.

Product profile  :  Parallel Lathe
 CW61100B CW61125B CW61160B parallel lathes are suitable for turning or cast iron and steel workpieces, turning of non-ferrous metal parts of big or medium sizes. It can do external cylindrical surface turning, inner hole and end face turning. It can also turn various intemal and external metric,inch,module and diametrical pitch threads, the top slide can be used independenthy for turning of short taper.

These lathes are of high power,high rigidity and wide rotating speed range, so it can be used for high speed and strong force turning.
Main Struture
1.Bed with high rigidity
Casted in whole piece, box type internal structure, of high rigidity, with hardened guideway, TSF coated carriage to minimize the possibility of low speed stick-slip.
2.Main spindle with high rigidity and high accuracy
Spindle bearing of famous brand, spindle-box of heat-symmetrical structure to avoid spindle axis drifting, oil lubricating to minimize heat distortion. Spindle with three support structure to secure accuracy and increase rigidity, all gears quenched and tooth-ground to secure precise transmission and low noice. So the spindle is of low temperature rise, minimized heat distortion ,and long-term steady high accuracy.
Swing over bedmm100012501640
Swing over carriagemm6158651250
Maximum length of workpiecemm1500/3000/5000/6000/8000/10000/12000/14000/16000/180001500/3000/5000/6000/8000/10000/12000/14000/16000/180001500/3000/5000/6000/8000/10000/12000/14000/16000/18000
Maximum turning lengthmm1300/2800/4800/5800/7800/9800/11800/13800/15800/178001300/2800/4800/5800/7800/9800/11800/13800/15800/178001300/2800/4800/5800/7800/9800/11800/13800/15800/17800
Span of guidewaymm755755755
Spindle nosemmA2-15(8XM22)A2-15(8XM22)A2-15(8XM22)
Spindle boremm130130130
Taper hole of spindle 1:20/1401:20/1401:20/140
Number of forward turning speeds 212121
Number of reverse turning speeds 121212
spindle speeds(forward)r/min3.15-3153.15-3153.15-315
spindle speeds(reverse)r/min3.5-2913.5-2913.5-291
Number of feeds per revolution(longitudinal/transverse) 56/5656/5656/56
Feed per revolution(Longitudinal)mm0.1-12(0.004"-0.473")0.1-12(0.004"-0.473")0.1-12(0.004"-0.473")
Feed per revolution(Transverse)mm0.05-6(0.002"-0.236")0.05-6(0.002"-0.236")0.05-6(0.002"-0.236")
Feed per revolution(Upper tool-post)mm0.025-3(0.001"-0.118")0.025-3(0.001"-0.118")0.025-3(0.001"-0.118")
Number and range of metric thread 44;1-120mm44;1-120mm44;1-120mm
Number and range of inch thread 31;28-1/431;28-1/431;28-1/4
Number and range of module thread 45:0.5-60mm45:0.5-60mm45:0.5-60mm
Number and range of diametrical pitch thread 38:1/2-56DP38:1/2-56DP38:1/2-56DP
Distance between spindle center-line and tool resting planemm484848
Section of tool shankmm□45□45□45
Tool post swing range°±90°±90°±90°
Maximum travel of carrigemm1450/2950/4950/5950/7950/9950/11950/13950/15950/179501450/2950/4950/5950/7950/9950/11950/13950/15950/179501450/2950/4950/5950/7950/9950/11950/13950/15950/17950
Maximum travel of top slidemm300300300
Maximum travel of cross slidemm520(20")580(22")630(24")
Tool post travel per turn of the dials of top or cross slidemm0.05(0.002")0.05(0.002")0.05(0.002")
Rapid travel speed(longitudinal)mm/min374037403740
Rapid travel speed(Transverse)mm/min187018701870
Rapid travel speed(Top slide)mm/min935935935
Diameter of tailstock quillmm160(6")160(6")160(6")
Travel of tailstock quillmm300(12")300(12")300(12")
Taper hole of tailstock quill Morse 6Morse 6Morse 6
Main motor powerkw222222
Maximum weight of workpiecekg600060006000
Machine masskg