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Horizontal Lathe Machine

Views:171 Submit date:2015-05-08
Horizontal Lathe Machine

Mark & model  :  CA6266

Origin  :  Asia and Pacific Area  China

Quality standard  :  International

Submit date  :  2015-05-08

H.S.Classification  :   Machinery & Electronics  Machines for Working Metal   8459 Machine tools for drilling, boring, milling etc.

Product profile  :  Horizontal Lathe Machine
 Product Description

CA6166 & CA6266 Series Horizontal Lathe 
1. CE standard 
2. ISO9001: 2000 
3. High quality casting body 
4. High-accuracy 

Max .Swing over bed660mm
Max .Swing over carriage400mm
Max .Swing in gap__880mm
Effective gap length__210mm
Max .length of work piece750/1000/1500/2000/2200/3000mm
Width of bed400mm
Section of turning tool25×25mm
SpindleSpindle speed10-1400rpm/16-1400rpm(24steps)
Hole through spindle52mm ,(B: 80mm),[C: 105mm]
Spindle taper(MT6)(Φ90 1:20)[Φ113:20]
FeedNo. of feed(64 kinds)(for each)
Range of metric threads(1-192mm) (44 kinds)
Range of inch threads(1-24tpi) (21kinds)
Range of module threads0.25-48 (module 39 kinds)
Range of diametral pitc threads1-96DP (37 kinds)
TailstockMax. tailstock spindle travel150mm
Tailstock spindle diameter75mm
Taper of tailstock spindle center hole(MT5)
Main motor7.5KW(10HP)
Packing dimensions
(L×W×H mm)
Overall dimensions for 750mm2440×1140×1750
Overall dimensions for 1000mm2650×1140×1750
Overall dimensions for 1500mm3150×1140×1750
Overall dimensions for 2000mm3650×1140×1750
Overall dimensions for 2200mm4030×1140×1750
Overall dimensions for 3000mm4800×1140×1750
Weight(kg)Length                                  G.W.   N.W.
Overall dimensions for 750mm2380   2260
Overall dimensions for 1000mm2570   2450
Overall dimensions for 1500mm2810   2640
Overall dimensions for 2000mm3050   2880
Overall dimensions for 2200mm3390   3180
Overall dimensions for 3000mm3930   3687