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Bench Lathe Machine with

Views:217 Submit date:2015-05-07
Bench Lathe Machine with

Mark & model  :  CZ1340G

Origin  :  Asia and Pacific Area  China

Quality standard  :  International

Submit date  :  2015-05-07

H.S.Classification  :   Machinery & Electronics  Machines for Working Metal   8459 Machine tools for drilling, boring, milling etc.

Product profile  :  Bench Lathe Machine with
 1. Supersonic frequency hardened bed ways
2. Precision roller bearing for spindle
3. High quality steel, ground and hardened gear inside headstock
4. Easy and fast operating gearbox
5. Enough strong power motor
6. ASA D4 camlock spindle nose
7. Various threads cutting functions available
8. CZ1340G/1, CZ1440G/1

BENCH LATHE                           CZ1340G/1        CZ1440G/1
Main dataSwing over bedφ 330mm / φ 355mm
Swing over carriageφ 195mm / φ 220mm
Swing over gapφ 476mm / φ 500mm                                 
Width of bed-way186mm
Distance between centers1000mm
SpindleTaper of spindleM. T. 5 
Spindle diameterφ 38mm
Step of speed8 Steps
Range of speed70-2000 rpm
Thread and feed systemMetric thread  26kinds (0.4~7mm)
Inch thread34kinds(4~56T. P. I)
Module thread16 kinds(0.35~5M. P)
Diametral thread36 kinds(6~104D. P)
Longitudinal feeds0.052~1.392mm (0.002" ~0.0548" )   
Cross feeds0.014~0.38mm (0.00055" ~0.015" )
Main lead screw Diameter lead screw φ 22mm(7/8" )
Pitch of lead screw          3mm or 8T. P. I
Saddle and carriageSaddle travel1000mm
Cross travel170mm
Compound travel74mm
TailstockBarrel travel95mm
Barrel diameterφ 32mm
Taper of centerM. T. 3
PowerMotor power1.5KW (2HP)
Motor for coolant system' s power0.04KW (0.055HP)
Shipment data Machine(L× W× H)1920× 760× 760 (mm)
Stand(left) (L× W× H)440× 410× 700 (mm)
Stand (right)(L× W× H)370× 410× 700 (mm)
Machine510/565 (kgs)
Stand70/75 (kgs)
Loading qauntity/20" container22 pcs