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Brake Drum/Disc Cutting Machine

Views:203 Submit date:2015-05-06
Brake Drum/Disc Cutting Machine

Mark & model  :  C9370

Origin  :  Asia and Pacific Area  China

Quality standard  :  International

Submit date  :  2015-05-06

H.S.Classification  :   Machinery & Electronics  Machines for Working Metal   8459 Machine tools for drilling, boring, milling etc.

Product profile  :  Brake Drum/Disc Cutting Machine

  • Trademark: 245
  • Packing: We Use Plywood to Packing The Brake Lathe.
  • Standard: ISO9001, CE
  • Origin: Shenyang, Liaoning, China
  • Production Capacity: 1000 Sets Per Year
Product Description
Main specifications 
Model C9370 
Spindle Travel 9.875" (251mm) 
Rotor diameter 7"-18" (180mm-457mm) 
Drum diameter 6"-28" (152mm-711mm) 
Motor 110V/220V/380V, 50/60Hz 
Spindle speed 70, 88, 118 rpm 
Rotor thickness 4" (102mm) 
Drum depth 9.875" (251mm) 
Shipping weight 400 kg 
Dimension (L× W× H) 1100mm× 1070mm× 1140 mm 
1. Quickly, accurately and efficiently to cutting rotor 
2. Fast and slow setting allow cutting rotor 
3. Quickly, accurately and efficiently to cutting drum 
4. Finitely adjustably setting allow cutting drum. 
5. Three kinds of speed to choice for spindle speed. 
6. Position of stop make the lathe stop automatic after the cutting. 
7. A convenient design allows to quickly change from rotor to drum.