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Con-rod Boring Machine

Views:187 Submit date:2015-05-05
Con-rod Boring Machine

Mark & model  :  T8210D

Origin  :  Asia and Pacific Area  China

Quality standard  :  International

Submit date  :  2015-05-05

H.S.Classification  :   Machinery & Electronics  Machines for Working Metal   8459 Machine tools for drilling, boring, milling etc.

Product profile  :  Con-rod Boring Machine
  Con-Rod Boring Machine Model T8210D. Can be sued with cylinder body bushing boring machine Model T8115. This machine has good performance, better structure easy operation and high accuracy. The machine is mainly used in boring rod bushing hole (rod bushing and copper bush) of diesel and gasoline engine of automobiles and tractors. In case of necessity, rod bushing seat hole can be fine bored. The rough and fine boring processing for the holes on other parts can be also completed after changing the corresponding clamps. Besides, it has the accessories for centering sectifying tool, boring tool and boring micro-adjustment etc. 




  Bored hole diameter
  16  -  100 mm
  Distance of rod 2 hole centers
  100 -425mm
  Work table travel
  Main shaft speed
  350, 530, 780, 1180rpm
  Boring rod diameter
14, 16, 24, 40mm
  Main motor power
0.65 / 0.85KW
1150x570x 1710mm