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Valve seat and guide machine

Views:162 Submit date:2015-05-05
Valve seat and guide machine

Mark & model  :  VS60

Origin  :  Asia and Pacific Area  China

Quality standard  :  International

Submit date  :  2015-05-05

H.S.Classification  :   Machinery & Electronics  Machines for Working Metal   8458 Lathes (incl. turning centers) for removing metal

Product profile  :  Valve seat and guide machine
 VS60 Valve seat and guide  machine  for engine rebuild

Features :

1.Featuring the new generation of valve seat boring.Provides more than a 30% decrease of cutting forces during Machining. 2.Angular accuracy within ±0.5 degree guaranteed on multi-angle cutter.
3.Machining capacity from 0.55"/ 14 mm to 3.6 "/ 90 mm.
4.Modern modular machine bed design for improved rigidity. Computer enhanced static and dynamic characteristics provide 5.The latest in machining technology.
6.New improved lighting system.
7.New table bars with pnevmatic locking.
8.Fully integrated spindle motor, Infinitely variable speed 100 to 1200 RPM, with sensorless Vector Flux Control. Forward and reverse
9.directions. Extremely broad torque ratings from lowest RPM with constant torque spindle rotation. Digital RPM read-out for accurate speed setting.
10.Patented Workhead with triple Air-Float Automatic Centering System and built-in spindle motor. Greatly reduces the number of free-floating parts during the centering sequence.Results in minimal work-head inertia and maximal floatation for unmatched centering sensitivity.
11.High quality smooth, 3 tone paint work. 


Machine Space requirements
   Valve seat and guide  machine
Machine Space requirements  
Length Unlimited
Crosswise work piece tiltingDegrees+42~-15
Machining capacitymm14-90
Work head displacement  
Sphere cylinder travelMm/inch9/0.4
Max. spindle inclinationDegrees5
Spindle travelMm/inch200/8
Spindle motor powerKw1.8
Spindle rotationRpm100-1200
Power supply                        230V/60Hz 3Ph
Air flowBar/psi6/87
Max. air1/min/cfm300/11
Level of noise at 400rpmDba72
At 1200rpmdba82
N W/G WKg/1bs1450/3260


Packaging & Shipping

 woodern case  fob shanghai