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Valve seat boring machine

Views:539 Submit date:2015-02-05
Valve seat boring machine

Mark & model  :  TS60

Origin  :  Asia and Pacific Area  China

Quality standard  :  International

Submit date  :  2015-02-05

H.S.Classification  :   Machinery & Electronics  Machines for Working Metal   8458 Lathes (incl. turning centers) for removing metal

Product profile  :  Valve seat boring machine
 Features :

High precision valve seat and valve guide cutting machine especially designed for multi-valve cylinder heads. Patented workhead with triple air-float patented centering system and built-in spindle motor. TENDTOOL TS60 is high precision machine featuring the latest technology incorporating air -float automatic centering and motorspindle. Air-floated table fixture can make the movement of workpiece more flexible. Especially developed for the repair of small motorcycle and automotive multivalve cylinder heads.

●Fitted with the new tooling that decreases the cutting force by 30%, this machine will cut the hardest seats.
●Machine bed structure optimized by static and dynamic calculation, with a functional design.
●Machining capacity from 0.551" / 14mm to 2.36" / 60mm.
●Fully integrated spindle motor: infinitely variable spindle speed,0 to 1000 r.p.m., with sensorless Vector Flux Control in open loop (Extremely broad torque ratings from lowest r.p.m.).
●Rigid, low-inertia workhead. Easy to use due to an automatic reset system.
●Air-floated table fixture with 400mm lengthwise and 40mm crosswise travel.

Machine Space requirements
Length Mm/inch 1440/56.7
Width Mm/inch 900/35.43
Height Mm/inch 2000/78.74
Machine Space requirements    
Length   Unlimited
Width Mm/inch 500/19.7
Height Mm/inch 450/17.7
Crosswise work piece tilting Degrees +42~-15
Machining capacity ∮mm 16-60
  ∮inch 0.63-2.36
Work head displacement    
Lengthwise Mm/inch 400/15.75
Crosswise Mm/inch 8/3.15
Max. spindle inclination Degrees 5
Spindle travel Mm/inch 200/8
Spindle motor power Kw 1.8
Spindle rotation Rpm 0-1000
Power supply 380V/50Hz 3Ph OR 220V/60Hz 3Ph
Air flow Bar/psi 6/87
Max. air 1/min/cfm 300/11
Level of noise at 400rpm Dba 72
At 1200rpm dba 82
N W/G W Kg/1bs 600/2310

1.bit holder 1.TD -ER20SW spanner wrench
2.tool holder 2.TD -ER20SC spring collet
3.pilot 3.T3200 Adaptor for morse
4.bits 4.T3100 Precision chuck with MT2 shank
5.tool setting device 5.TENDTOOL REAMER RN Type
6.sharpener 6.TD-ER20CN ER-32 clamping nut
7.clamping system