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Cylinder Block Grinding Machine

Views:397 Submit date:2015-02-05
Cylinder Block Grinding Machine

Mark & model  :  3M9735B/130/150

Origin  :  Asia and Pacific Area  China

Quality standard  :  International

Submit date  :  2015-02-05

H.S.Classification  :   Machinery & Electronics  Machines for Working Metal   8459 Machine tools for drilling, boring, milling etc.

Product profile  :  Cylinder Block Grinding Machine
 The Cylinder Grinding Machine 

1.700rpm high velocity milling plus step-less speed regulation feederequal highsmooth surface of making(suitable for aluminum alloy cover or east iron cylinder body). 
2.1400rpm high velocity grinding plus ultra-precision feeder plus cooling liquid equal satisfactory result. (suitable for nodular castion) 

Standard Accessories: 
. Grinding wheel dresser 
. Cutter disc 
. Grinding tiles/Milling cutter 
. Cooling system 
. Static balance table and support abutment
Model3M 9735B×1303M 9735B×150
Max length of processing1300mm1500mm
Max width of processing350mm350mm
Max height of  processing800mm800mm
The vertical moving distance of grinding wheel plate60mm60mm
The vertical moving distance of grinding wheel head800mm800mm
Moving speed of working table40-900mm/min40-900mm/min
Dimensions of working table1300×500mm1500×500mm